Trim Balance & Vibration Conditioning

Our fast, accurate trim balance solutions minimize vibration and on-wing vibration-related maintenance snags. We offer an advanced Trim Balance and Vibration Conditioning online system to collect live engine data. The system can operate on a stand-alone PC or integrated with the MDS proDAS system. If integrated, the system is automatically configured by proDAS for the engine type being tested.

Features include:

  • One- or two-plane balancing of current fan engine types
  • Easy engine plane configuration
  • Up to three vibration transducers available for balancing
  • Imbalance data recorded at multiple speeds
  • Real time display of vibration amplitudes and phase angles
  • Proprietary algorithms used to assess data quality and ensure optimal solutions
  • Single-shot or vectorial / intervectorial solutions
  • Residual vibration levels calculated for recommended and user-entered solutions
  • Influence coefficients intelligently updated with each successful engine balancing session
The Power of Precision