Project Execution

At MDS, we strive for excellence and our project management process is designed to successfully take projects from design to commissioning without compromising on quality, cost, or delivery.

MDS’s Project Management process has appropriately been branded as “RPM”. A scalable process, RPM can be applied to projects varying in budget and complexity, providing the framework to effectively execute the job.

RPM Project Management Diagram


MDS has been in the business of executing projects for over 30 years; it is part of our core capability. Through extensive project experience and collaborating with a variety of cultures, we have refined our project management process to be agile, risk-focused, and geared towards project success.


Our experience with successfully delivering a multitude of small-to-large projects within different industries has made us resilient in all aspects of execution. Our experience allows us to focus on the high-risk areas of a project, which may differ from project to project.


Managing multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder projects requires discipline. RPM teams have been bred to have a “best for project” attitude. We focus on solid leadership with respect to our engineering teams and vendors to ensure a successful project for our clients.


Vigilant attention to detail is a fundamental ingredient of a successful project. Our personnel are trained to focus on the details, establish facts, and avoid assumptions. Our rigorous approach ensures quick issue resolution, regular oversight by the leadership team, and clearly defined information exchange.


The RPM process allows us to be predictive rather than reactive to potential issues that may arise. Our experience helps us predict where shortfalls will occur, and what systems and components will be critical path. Each project is custom, with a mix of mature technology, extensive industry experience, and client-specific development.


Our process offers end-to-end project management, efficiency without cutting corners, superior coordination and communication, predictive risk management, and synergy between your team and ours. We focus on the project details, so you can focus on your core business.


The RPM team consists of a Project Manager, Systems Engineer(s), and a Project Integrator; who manage all aspects of the project (externally and internally). Providing our clients with single points of contact on both the project management side and the technical management side ensures clear and concise communication.

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The Power of RPM
We appreciate that we are building facilities that will live on long after a project has been delivered to our client, and that our clients will be working with our systems and solutions for many years to come. We take pride in our work and the high scores on our customer satisfaction surveys are a testament to this.

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RPM Client Satisfaction Ratings
RPM Client Satisfaction Ratings
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