Facility Support, Management & Operation

When your test facility is down, it can be frustrating waiting for the right resources to arrive so you can address the problem. With the right support partner, you can maximize your facility uptime.

With MDS as your support partner, either with an onsite representative or through a comprehensive suite of support services, you’ll have the knowledge, expertise, and commitment to avoid costly delays and downtime.

You’ll have access to knowledgeable system experts and support resources to ensure your systems are operating at peak efficiency and your tests are completed on time. You’ll also maintain high uptime and benefit fully from your investment in our calibration, preventive maintenance, spares management, and training packages. If an issue does arise in your test cell, we can respond promptly with our 24-hour hotline and global presence.

Our Facility Support and Management Services include:


We offer regular inspections and scheduled preventive Maintenance Services to ensure system longevity and minimal downtime of your OEM, third-party, and MDS-provided equipment. Additionally, we offer unscheduled maintenance for any unforeseen difficulties that may arise with your facilities or test systems.


We deliver detailed troubleshooting procedures and recommendations that will resolve any problems you may encounter with your system.


We not only provide calibration at commissioning, but we also deliver onsite or off-site scheduled calibration services for all your facilities and test systems. All standards used as the basis for calibration are supported by objective evidence for traceability to national or international standards.

Spares Management

We offer complete management of strategic spare parts—a service that will reduce your cell downtime without the need to invest in a large spares inventory.

Field Services Representatives

To maximize efficiencies, our field service representative(s) can reside at your site for the duration of a given project—you’ll have the knowledge and expertise on hand when you need it. Our site representative will serve as your primary contact for all technical matters related to the facility and data acquisition system.

Facility Operation and Management

MDS operates and manages GLACIER, a specialist R&D facility owned by joint venture partners Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney. The facility consistently ranks as a top performer in both Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney test networks. Our operational model is based on operational efficiency, facility uptime, and HS&E. Please contact us if you are interested in evaluating the benefits an MDS operation or management service can offer your organization.

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