Energy Innovation & Transformation

We share your commitment towards a more sustainable future.

That’s why we offer innovative testing solutions that integrate test efficiency gains, alternative fuels and possibilities for energy recovery.

At MDS, we are dedicated to ensuring that we provide you with the resources and capabilities to bring out the best in clean energy solutions – whether it’s developing new, disruptive clean technologies or equally-important, building energy-conscious systems. We challenge our engineers and customers to “think green.” In doing so, we have scaled our core offerings to help all stakeholders see opportunities to optimize energy demands and where possible incorporate energy-efficient or energy-saving systems during the entire life cycle of a project.

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Our Energy Innovation & Transformation Solutions

Electrified and Hybrid Electric Propulsion

Electrified propulsion systems have a very promising future. In aviation, we are supporting the emergence of electric engines and electrified aircraft in its many various and novel forms. Our experience in the test & validation of gas turbines has primed us continue providing the facilities, tools and technologies tailored to customer needs, helping them focus on the development of their electrified products.

For years, we have taken steps to increase our contributions to enable electrified aviation and are marked with industrial research studies, proof of concept projects, design and supply of test equipment for electric aviation research facilities and our latest initiative developing a shared-access hybrid electric “centre of excellence” for R&D and certification.

Hydrogen Integration

Supporting the drive for decarbonization through the transition to Hydrogen, we help our customers understand the path to incorporate Hydrogen as retrofits to existing test facilities or as part of new test facilities. Whether for gas turbines or fuel cells, we help define test requirements for Hydrogen use, and explore the potential for energy recovery through electrolyzers to generate on-site hydrogen.

As a holistic approach, we evaluate both technical feasibility and commercial viability of different solutions based on the specific customer-specified conditions and requirements of hydrogen-based equipment. We have marked successes in partnering with industrial gas turbine manufacturers to retrofit test facilities for hydrogen.

Electric Motor Inertia Simulation (EMINS)

Load absorption and dynamometer technologies are no longer limiting factors to test capabilities. Electric dynamometer systems offer many benefits over traditional mechanical dynamometer systems and EMINS opens the door to many possibilities: to test a wider range of engine operating envelopes, simulate lower and higher rotational inertias, conduct tests previously only possible on flight tests, kinetic energy recovery and the potential to reduce operating costs.

EMINS is a feature-rich test solution which helps support the development of clean technologies while itself helping to reduce test facility O&M efforts and costs. With increasing environmental awareness, organizations around the world are seeking opportunities to reduce waste and save costs.

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Energy Recovery and Storage

There are now viable means to recover the energy produced by the engine-under-test otherwise dissipated into the atmosphere.

Energy recovery and storage equipment costs have decreased, scaled up in power, and public financial incentives are now available. MDS works with customers to propose and develop profitable energy recovery solutions based on the application and region. They include waste-heat recovery and electrical power recovery which can be supplemented by microgrid-scale renewable power generation.

Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)

With widespread adoption of SAF, there is the potential for large positive environmental impact it’s a good intermediate step in climate action as cleaner technology races to meet the challenges of aviation. Many modern gas turbine engines require little or no modifications to operate on SAF blends up to 50%, and big strides are being made for easy technological adaptations for 100% SAF.

MDS has supported, and continues to support, engine OEMs and test facility operators to increase testing capabilities with SAF and to help accelerate the widespread adoption of SAF use – effectively removing the engine from being a limiting factor. We offer effective solutions and services to enable SAF-based testing in new and existing test facilities, whether integrated into or as a flexible add-on.

Offering environmental benefits alongside advanced test & validation technologies

Build, test and validate smarter

With almost 40 years’ experience in test & validation solutions, we are confident in being able to help enable better and faster development of technologies and products to reduce global reliance on carbon-rich fuel and help usher in an era of more electrified propulsion.

Shrink your carbon footprint and reduce waste

As technology developers and integrators, we maintain a holistic and system level view to understand where there are opportunities for efficiency gains, energy recovery and waste reduction. We help find the best solutions and services provided and tailor them specifically to your needs.

Save on costs

With rising environmental awareness in our communities across the world and adoption of new and clean technologies, there is often a hidden benefit of reduced operations and maintenance costs. Often it takes a leap of faith to look at an existing setup, and appreciate if / where it makes technological and commercial sense to adopt new equipment, technologies or processes.

Our Approach

For decades, test and validation has been at the core of what we do. We approach market needs by prototyping ideas, fostering innovation and introducing better ways to support our customers and industry.

Our teams are always searching for opportunities to optimize designs and processes for optimal operability, usability, efficiency, and serviceability – whether that’s reducing input energy, like electrical or thermal demands, or reducing waste energy, like re-using waste heat or generating electricity. Being proactive in this regard has allowed MDS to stay ahead of industry challenges and focus on enabling our customers to develop clean technology products to contribute to climate action.

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