Full Engine Test Facilities

Our designs and products are the trusted solutions for next generation development engines, current production engines, and in-service engines.

MDS provides the complete solution for full engine testing.

For engine developers, MDS technology provides better data, faster. For facility operators, recognizing the value inherent in limiting cell time to test time, you can count on flexible test solutions that maximize facility efficiency and minimize operating costs.

Aviation Full Engine Test Facility

Aviation Full Engine Test Facility

MDS specializes in the design and supply of turnkey sea-level aviation gas turbine engine test facilities. MDS has delivered maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO); production; and research & development facilities for OEMs and large MRO companies.

Aviation test cells can be designed for engine thrusts of up to 150,000 lbf and for next-generation high bypass engines.

Our approach is to right size and optimize key facility components, many of which have competing impacts. Let us use our experience to help you achieve exceptional performance and differentiate you from the pack.

Industrial Full Engine Test Facility

We have leveraged our aero engine test experience, driveline, and controls background to develop an extensive inventory of proprietary innovative “quick-connect” solutions for industrial and marine gas turbine engine testing.

MDS industrial gas turbine engine test facilities maximize asset utilization and return on investment by having one facility that can replace many. MDS accomplishes this with high-throughput, multi-configuration test cells, supporting both cold-end and hot-end drive configurations within the same test cell.

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