Load Absorption Systems

We have leveraged our driveline and controls background to develop an extensive inventory of innovative load absorption solutions for aviation, industrial, and marine gas turbine engine testing. The MDS product catalogue includes engine load absorption systems specifically designed for gas turbine engine test facilities. Our expertise covers the use of hydraulic and air dynamometers, as well as electrical generators to simulate applications such as Constant Speed (power generation), Variable Speed (mechanical drive), Constant Torque (pumping), and Load Profile Matching.

The load absorption system selection is very much a function of existing infrastructure, performance envelope, and client preferences. We provide the support systems necessary for load shedding, including water cooling systems (for water dynamometers) and resistive load banks for electric configurations. We can also support full or partial connection to grid.

MDS’s advanced engine loading systems have been developed to simulate the most complex load simulation applications such as:

  • Constant Speed (Power Generation)
  • Variable Speed (Marine and Mechanical Drive)
  • Constant Torque (Pumping)
  • Load Profile Matching

Features include:

  • Quick response to input functions
  • Accurate load control
  • Stepless loading
  • Full load shed capability
  • 50Hz and 60Hz operation
  • Power regulation from 20-110%
  • Intuitive graphical user interfaces
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