Engineering Services

It may not be practical for your business to have a full suite of engineering expertise in-house—it’s too expensive. However, with an experienced and knowledgeable engineering team to develop concepts and evaluate risks, you’ll reduce threats to project objectives.

We embrace innovation, applying both classical engineering techniques and contemporary tools to facilitate reliable cost-effective solutions. We have a depth of expertise that spans the full complement of engineering disciplines, and we invest in the right skill sets to meet the challenges inherent in today’s evolving engine testing environment.

Our Engineering Services include:

Aerodynamics & Acoustics

MDS’ Aerodynamics and Acoustics Group specializes in classical aerodynamic and acoustic engineering techniques, computer simulations, and physical scale and CFD modeling that minimize project risks and that deliver cost-effective, reliable solutions. MDS can also assist you in reducing aeroacoustic performance issues of existing beds, and mitigating the impact of infrasound.

Instrumentation & Controls

We are experts in the supply of a complete test cell measurement solution. While normally supplied in conjunction with proDAS, our data acquisition product, we can also integrate with your existing DAS. We are experts in signal conditioning, intelligent sensor integration, measurement uncertainty analysis, cable harness and quick connect solution design.

As a facility control system integrator for engine test facilities, the MDS Controls Group understands the requirements and effort involved in a control system that will fully meet your needs. We can design a completely new system or provide services to upgrade existing facilities, including integrating existing equipment in a new design. Our expertise ranges from engine throttle systems and specialist component control to integrated control systems for complex component simulation facilities.

Mechanical & Structural Design

We deploy classical engineering techniques and the latest engineering tools to deliver reliable and cost-effective mechanical solutions including engine adapters, thrust measurement systems, inlet and exhaust components, and overhead and ground handling solutions. Whether it involves 3-D solid modeling, thermal analysis, or finite element analysis (FEA), we have the tools and the experience to meet your requirements.

Fluid Systems Engineering

We provide engineering support for the design and implementation of fluid support systems for both the engines and the facilities used to test them. This includes systems such as engine fuel, air start, hydraulics, hydraulic power packs, lubrication skids, fuel conditioning skids, gas booster stations, compressed air systems, and emissions equipment.

Our services include process piping design supported by Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), calculation, piping drawings, and 2-D and 3-D modeling. Our capabilities include expertise with the following mediums: liquid and gas fuels, hydraulic oils, lubrication oils, cooling water, and compressed air.

Software & Applications

The MDS Software Group is responsible for the design, development, implementation, and support of our data-acquisition software, proDAS. Services include system architecture and design, real-time software development, GUI- and server-based software development, and database design and development.

The members of our Applications Group are expert at customizing proDAS to test specific engine models and to perform specific types of tests on those engines. The Applications Group defines the scope of the parameters to be measured by the software, creates automated test procedures, customizes displays, automates reports, and provides proDAS training for customers.

Driveline Design & Analysis

We optimize your drivelines through a proprietary in-house rotordynamic design and analysis tool. Our driveline design experience includes components such as splined couplings, gearboxes, bearings, torquemeters, electric generators, and water dynamometers.

Load Absorption Systems

The MDS product catalogue includes several engine load absorption options specifically designed for gas turbine engine test facilities. Our expertise covers the use of hydraulic and air dynamometers, as well as electrical generators to simulate applications such as Constant Speed (power generation), Variable Speed (mechanical drive), Constant Torque (pumping), and Load Profile Matching.

The load absorption system selection is very much a function of existing infrastructure, performance envelope, and client preferences. We provide the support systems necessary for load shedding, including water cooling systems (for water dynamometers) and resistive load banks for electric configurations. We can also support full or partial connection to grid.

Environmental Engineering

MDS’s suite of Engineering Services focuses on the protection of natural and human environments through emissions monitoring and greenhouse gas reduction. We can ensure that your facilities are compliant to regulatory requirements through policy compliance verification and Quality Control Auditing.

We can credibly and reliably act as an independent auditor of source emission measurement and related monitoring activities. MDS’s staff has extensive experience in the specialty field of emissions measurement auditing and related industrial air quality engineering. Whatever your objectives may be, when it comes to the accurate and accountable measurement of source emissions, we bring added value and enhanced credibility to your business.


Engine testing capability requires purpose built spaces. Test cells are complex, and overall geometry is driven by aerodynamic and acoustic performance requirements. The buildings themselves must also be able to react to substantial structural loading in the unlikely event of an engine failure. These buildings must be configured for personnel, ergonomic movement, supporting test systems, and office space. The design of these facilities requires intimate knowledge and experience with the test systems that populate them.

MDS has this experience. It offers turnkey solutions that include building design and construction. Together with its international construction partners, MDS provides Architectural, Civil and Structural design, Engine Failure Containment design, and building Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

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