Engineering & Execution

Engineering is our business.
Execution is our expertise

Our expertise is unparalleled. Since 1985, we have designed and constructed engine test facilities and systems for clients in over 20 countries, covering all critical test related disciplines.

At MDS, we strive for excellence. We successfully take complex projects from design to commissioning without compromising on quality, cost, or delivery. We offer experienced and knowledgeable staff, enabling you to meet even your most complex engineering challenges.

Engineering Services

The highly experienced and knowledgeable MDS engineering team is here to help you address critical challenges as they arise. Develop concepts, evaluate risks, and facilitate cost-effective solutions with our Engineering Services.

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Project Execution

MDS has been in the business of executing projects for over 30 years. We have refined our project management process to be agile, risk-focused, and geared towards project success. With our experience with successfully delivering projects in a multitude of environments, you can count us in Project Execution.

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The Power of Precision