Engine Adapters

We design engine adapters to exacting standards for aviation, industrial and marine testing applications. Therefore, we can ensure performance and the safety of test personnel, the facility, and the engine. In addition to designing the adapters to meet all operational requirements imposed by engine manufacturers, we also design them to interface with new or existing thrust frames and handling systems, and to accommodate the operational loads imposed during testing.

Our adapters can be designed to either spring mount or hard mount the engine, depending on OEM and client specific requirements. We have the capability of performing a full dynamic analysis of the entire load path to ground to ensure that all critical stiffness requirements are being met.

MDS adapters also provide:

  • A pick-up point for the overhead hoist
  • A mounting platform for test equipment such as fluid couplings and the electrical harness
  • Support for the engine during rigging and de-rigging
  • Mounts for the cowl door lifting mechanism
The Power of Precision