Throttle Systems

The Universal Engine Control Unit (UECU) 500 Mark III is a self-contained throttle lever and signal conditioning system that interfaces with all engine throttle types. The UECU is simple to use and equally easy to configure. We can install the UECU unit as a stand-alone component or integrated with a data acquisition and control system such as the MDS proDAS system

Programmed for automatic recognition via external input, a simple menu selection allows the user to switch between different engines. The throttle system automatically adapts the full motion of the throttle lever to the corresponding range of the engine fuel control system.

Features include:

  • Single or dual lever systems
  • Menu driven and (or) automatic configuration of engine
  • Linear lever operation using a robust mechanism
  • Push buttons and controls required for operator interface (i.e. trip to idle, trip to cut-off, ground idle / flight idle select)
  • Automatic throttle control to Power Lever Angle, or any performance parameter
  • Accurate position and velocity control of engine fuel valve
  • Simple menu-driven rigging and calibration
  • Analogue and discrete communication with DAS and Facility Controls and Ethernet-based driver integration
  • Ethernet, analogue, and discrete I/O communication with FCS and DAS
  • Modular construction for cost-effective and easy add-on capabilities
  • Integrated manual override safety feature for mechanical actuator systems
  • Simulated single or dual isolated output as required for FADEC engines, with various combinations of resolver, RVDT, or analogue outputs as required by individual client applications

The UECU 500 Mark II throttle system allows for fully automated test sequences controlled to any engine parameter. The UECU is superb for endurance or cyclic testing, repeatability, and known test profiles, resulting in reduced manpower requirements and fuel savings.

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