Specialists on Board MDS core staff includes aerodynamicists and acousticians with a collective 60 years of experience in this specialized discipline. MDS’ proven track record in this field has made MDS a world leader in aerodynamics, acoustics, and infrasound.

Ongoing research and development topics include:

  • Developing infrasound & noise pollution mitigation technologies
  • Scale model testing to anchor theoretical results
  • Energy recovery
  • Flow conditioning and stability – computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Test Cell construction techniques with regards to sound transmission, sound absorption, and silencing

Tangible Results MDS’ research in these key areas has resulted in improved test cell performance and cost savings for our customers, and has extended the life of our test cells.

Infrasound & Noise Pollution Reduction

Role Model • Real Test Our research into the destructive and potentially dangerous low-frequency pulsations known as infrasound spans almost two decades. MDS’ comprehensive design guidelines, developed through extensive scale model research and full scale validation tests, ensure smooth operation, high repeatability, and safe engine operation. Further, the structural integrity of the test cells and surrounding buildings are safeguarded through our design practices.

Scale Models

Physically to Scale Physical models are used to simulate complex geometries and configurations and enhance design solutions. MDS uses these scale models to anchor our theoretical results to improve our understanding of aerodynamics and acoustics.

Energy Recovery

MDS Branded MDS is currently developing an advanced proprietary technology that will provide aerodynamic, acoustic, and economic benefits that will forever change the face of the turbine testing industry.