Thrust Measurement

It’s Already All In MDS’ Thrust Measurement System (TMS) is an accurate, cost-effective, single axis overhead thrust frame engineered for aero engine testing. An in-frame calibration system allows calibrations to be performed quickly, without the need for an operator to enter the test cell. The engine-specific adapter interface comes complete with automated docking, and combined with standard automatic coupling plates, TMS allows for quick engine change, and maximizes test cell utilization.

Simple, Accurate and Cost-effective MDS adheres to a simple design philosophy for its thrust measurement systems. A stiff frame is combined with moment/sideload compensated load cells to produce high thrust accuracy while maintaining cost effectiveness. The design does not require complex load cell flexures, which typically account for the majority of overall frame deflection that significantly contributes to overall cost.

Precise Versatile Measurement TMS is available in a range of thrust ratings to handle all known engine types. Vigilant attention to detail ensures that non-systematic errors are minimized in order to achieve high measurement accuracy.

Features include:

  • Accurate and reliable thrust measurement
  • Automatic calibration system
  • Failsafe automated adapter locking mechanism
  • Automatic coupling plates for quick engine connections
  • Four flexure design