Driveline systems

Specifically Designed and Geared Drivelines are optimized through the use of our proprietary in-house rotordynamic design and analysis tool. Our driveline design experience includes components such as splined couplings, gearboxes, bearings, torquemeters, electric generators, and water dynamometers.

One Stop Shop MDS has developed its own analysis software (TREX) for calculating the dynamic response to external excitations. TREX performs a time-forward integration analysis, and allows analysis any excitation pulse within the driveline, regardless of the pulse shape.

Lateral Rotordynamic analysis capabilities include:

  • Natural frequencies and mode shapes;
  • Stability and critical speed maps;
  • Unbalance response; and
  • Forced Response Analysis.



Torsional Rotordynamic Analysis capabilities include:

  • Natural frequencies and mode shapes;
  • Campbell Diagrams;
  • Steady State Response; and
  • Transient Response (Start-up, short circuit, clutch engagement).