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MDS introduces RPM – their signature project management system for delivering complex projects

RPM Project Management

MDS has been successfully managing multi-million dollar gas turbine test facility projects for over 30 years. To deliver and meet the expectations of our customers and increasingly strict industry standards, traditional project management practices are simply not enough. That is why, over the course of 30+ years, we have developed and refined our signature project management process. In an industry that continuously pushes the limits of design and technology – often without the luxury of prototyping – RPM provides the framework to execute any project without compromising on quality, cost, or delivery.

RPM Project Management Diagram

Through predictive risk management, meticulous planning, and rigorous schedules, RPM provides our team with the tools to support our customers’ needs from design to commissioning. Our superior methodology, focus on communication, and goal alignment set RPM apart.

Project management can be the difference between a bad experience and a good experience for a client; it can make or break a project. Our repeat customers and decades-long working relationships are a testament to our ability to not only deliver on our word, but do so in a way that makes our clients willing – and wanting – to do it again and again.

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