Project Execution

When you don’t fully understand the risks, you can’t develop effective mitigation plans. You need to understand what those risks are, how they are mitigated, and how you can develop options and actions to enhance opportunities and to reduce threats to project objectives.

We perform project and system-specific risk assessment activities to enhance your opportunities and to mitigate project risks. When you have a partner who has the depth of knowledge, experience, and history of working with so many of the largest companies in the world on the largest projects, you’ll realize an optimal return on the project dollars you’ve invested.

Our Project Management team creates the project plan, schedule, work breakdown structure, and responsibility matrix before your project commences; therefore, ensuring a clear understanding of the division of responsibilities. Together, these documents become your roadmap that keep all members of the project aligned with priorities.

We use the latest tools and reporting techniques to ensure your projects and engineering activities meet or exceed your expectations, are completed on time and within budget, and deliver the planning, monitoring, and control to guarantee a highly successful project.

Systems Engineering

Test facilities are multi-disciplinary complex systems. Therefore, to execute the design development and implementation of these facilities, strong technical integration is essential.

Our Systems Engineering team manages the integration of the many systems and disciplines from a technical perspective—all while ensuring that we effectively and efficiently meet your defined technical specifications.

By developing execution strategies and communicating technical direction to our Systems Engineering team through various tools, we can ensure the seamless integration of the many subsystems that comprise a test facility. The team also plays a vital role in managing critical vendors throughout the project, making sure the project stays on schedule and under budget.