R&D Test Facilities

Your new products are pushing the envelope technologically while your legacy test systems may be putting your organization at a competitive disadvantage.

Engine research and development, and certification requirements are constantly evolving. Therefore, we foster innovation and maintain an experienced staff in all essential engineering disciplines to meet the unique challenges of our customers’ rigorous development programs.

As with any challenge, you have options. If you are evaluating your capability to support a new program, leverage our experience to help you establish the best strategy for success. When we adapt an existing facility or design a new facility, our goal is to understand your priorities and equip your team with the best tools available to ensure success.

In this field, we are subject matter experts. We’ll listen carefully and work with you as a team to find the best solution to deliver a competitive advantage.

Our R&D Test Facilities Solutions include:

In this space, big is not always better. Our approach is to right size and optimize key facility components, many of which have competing impacts. Let us use our experience to help you achieve exceptional performance and differentiate you from the pack.

If you are being told all test cell companies offer the same services and products, please contact us before you proceed. As the preeminent supplier to the top OEMs in the industry, let us show you how we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

We have leveraged our aero engine test experience, driveline and controls background to develop an extensive inventory of proprietary innovative “quick-connect” solutions for industrial and marine gas turbine engine testing.

Recognizing the value inherent in limiting cell time to test time, let us demonstrate how an MDS solution will provide a better return on investment than a typical solution.

Our core competency includes the design and supply of one-of-a kind specialist component test facilities. We have experience in virtually every type of gas turbine component facility imaginable and would be pleased to share our experience with you to establish our credibility in this space.

We have built a team of in-house experts who help us plan and deliver complex component facilities with unparalleled agility. Let our exceptional track record and experience in this space work to your advantage—share your challenges with us and we’ll demonstrate how you can achieve a competitive advantage in this highly specialized field.