Data Acquisition Systems

DAS designed by test cell operators for test cell operators

With over 30 years of designing and building test facilities, we know that the ultimate purpose of all that steel, concrete, and sweat is the data that the facility provides. We offer data acquisition products that are an extension of our drive to exceed expectations and solve complex industry challenges. MDS clients all over the world rely on the precision, accuracy, and usability of our data acquisition systems (DAS) to make critical decisions about the performance and safety of their product

Intuitive, configurable,
reliable data.

Customizable real-time test data visualization

Fit for hybrid electric propulsion testing


iDDS: Seamless data communication

Our DAS software is built on the iDDS backbone, an innovative distributed communication protocol pioneered by MDS. This protocol simplifies data management, allowing for effortless consolidation and configuration of instrument data in various testing environments.

Unleash the power of data

nxDAS is a network-based data acquisition system for product validation testing that allows you to visualize important test data with ease. It is hardware-agnostic, intuitive, highly automated, and reliably scalable. Used extensively by world-leading engine manufacturers worldwide, nxDAS also offers:

The future of testing

The future of testing


nxDAS helps ensure repeatability and consistency of testing while reducing the number of test hours required to operate the facility.

Easy Integration

We always take our clients’ actual environments as the basis for product development. nxDAS is a truly hardware-agnostic system that can be installed in any environment.


Accommodates various testing environments and customer needs, and seamlessly scales to meet the evolving demands of your development and testing programs. It effortlessly handles instrument nodes and data subscribers, supporting hundreds to thousands of channels for R&D and production setups.


Fully user customizable visual interface that offers real-time data display and adaptable reporting tools.

Intuitive and easy to use

  • Easily manage and modify different channel configurations, such as breakpoint tables, calculations, alarms and displays.
  • Software Development Kit available for any required component customization.

  • Future-proof your operations by connecting a wide range of devices and eliminating most obsolescence issues.
  • Keep your systems running smoothly with intuitive device health reporting.

See how nxDAS can improve your testing system

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A DAS fit for hybrid electric propulsion testing

As the industry continues to evolve and embrace the remarkable advancements of hybrid electric propulsion systems, staying at the forefront requires a reliable and accurate data acquisition solution. That’s where nxDAS HE comes in. Our comprehensive, easy-to-use system empowers engineers and technicians to effortlessly capture high-speed, deterministic data and manage the test driving innovation in engine manufacturing to new heights.

1 MHz+ Power Analysis

HE testing places new demands on measurement data rates. nxDAS HE leverages high-performance power and analysis calculations technology in real time across multiple channels, allowing for data synchronization across measurements.

Intuitive & Easy to Use

Designed with operators in mind; its user interface mimics that of traditional Windows application, and its testing modules are easy to operate.

Easy Configuration

Experience hassle-free integration and ensure optimal performance. No need for custom driver development for iDDS instruments, saving you time and money.

Modular & Flexible

Unlock the full potential of our software solution. Choose the best solutions without being handcuffed to any vendor or platform.

Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation

Seamlessly integrate hardware-in-the-loop simulation to improve accuracy, save time and avoid costly real-world testing.

Complete copper bird system integration, with versatility!

  • Battery Simulation
  • Dynamometer Control
  • Altitude Simulation
  • Fuel Cell Test or Simulation
  • Turbo Generator Integration
  • Battery Storage
  • Simulation for Hardware in the Loop (HIL)
  • High-Speed Power Analysis
  • Torsional Analysis
  • Multiple Propulsion DUT Motors and Devices
  • Multiple Fieldbus Protocols
  • Automated Testing

See how nxDAS HE can improve your testing system

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Unlocking data potential with iDDS:
A flexible approach to enhanced testing

Powering our DAS solutions is iDDS, a revolutionary communication protocol developed by MDS to redefine data integration. This innovation paves the way for enhanced testing efficiency, cost savings, and scalability, marking a transformative shift in how data is harnessed across industries.

Be at the forefront of transforming data acquisition with other industry leaders.

iDDS Chart

Benefits of iDDS

Eliminating Vendor Locking for Flexible Configuration

Unlike proprietary systems, iDDS is engineered to be vendor-neutral and hardware agnostic, making it compatible with a wide range of off-the-shelf products. This shift away from vendor locking empowers users to assemble the best components from various suppliers, fostering innovation, flexibility, and cost savings.

Efficient Simulated Testing Made Possible

Imagine a world where testing doesn't demand extensive fuel, wear and tear, or time-consuming instrument setups. iDDS revolutionizes testing by seamlessly integrating simulated data with our Data Acquisition System (DAS). By employing software-based subsystems and real-time hardware-in-the-loop testing, users can spot issues early, solve them affordably, and even simulate entire tests before using any actual resources.

Scaling with Ease for Your Tailored Needs

Whether you're handling 200 or 2000+ channels, our hardware configurations are designed to match your requirements. Gone are the days of paying exorbitantly for support that doesn't align with your system's scale. Instead, iDDS scales costs based on value, supporting smaller systems with cost-effective yet reliable hardware, and enabling powerful test cell expansion. This versatility extends to visualizations too, where you're free to choose tools that suit your preferences without compromising compatibility.

Unlock new opportunities by harnessing iDDS