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nxDAS - Network Extensible Measurement

Lower costs, unparalleled reliability, better data.

Every day, MDS clients all over the world rely on the precision, accuracy, and usability of our data to make critical decisions about the performance and safety of their products.

It’s all about the data.

When it comes to testing, data is everything. MDS has been designing and building test facilities for over 30 years and we know that the ultimate purpose of all that steel, concrete, and sweat is the data that the facility provides.

iDDS: How all that data gets around

With a larger focus on data than ever before, MDS has invested heavily in the creation of iDDS – A new distributed communication protocol based on DDS (Data Distribution Service). We added the ‘i’ for “Instrumentation” and built nxDAS from the ground up to support this new protocol and to make sure our customers get the most out of their precious data!

iDDS Data Flow

Why iDDS?

Over our 30 years of developing, building, and operating test facilities, we’ve learned that one of the greatest hurdles for anyone running a test cell is the ability to consolidate all the data coming from instruments each with a different vendor and communication protocol. On top of that, as a test cell ages, some instruments become obsolete and need to be replaced. This brings another challenge as replacement parts won’t communicate properly with the existing acquisition system.

We’ve designed iDDS to solve all these problems. Supported devices are immediately recognized by nxDAS with plug-and-play functionality. Not only that, but by using the same publish/subscribe framework, nxDAS is fully capable of managing and configuring all those devices! If something goes wrong, rather than troubleshooting every device and switch along the way to the offending device, imagine a data acquisition system that monitors the health of each device, and provides an easy, visual method of identifying and rectifying any issues.

Designed by test cell operators, for test cell operators

We aren’t just test cell designers, we are also operators. We know the ins and outs of testing like no other and can confidently say that our newest data acquisition product – nxDAS – is the most advanced and capable system on the market for turbo-machinery testing:

  • Improved testing efficiency
  • Better data faster
  • Change control functionality
  • Broader accessibility
  • Deterministic alarm response
  • Less manpower required for tests

Shaped by the toughest demands

Our data acquisition products are used extensively by world-leading engine manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, Siemens, MTU, and UEC Saturn and are built on the cornerstones of safety, performance, and accuracy.

Innovation at its best

nxDAS is a result of over 30 years of continuously building on our experience in a variety of complex and highly demanding testing environments. MDS data acquisition products that are an extension of our drive to exceed expectations and solve industry challenges.

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nxDAS - Network Extensible Measurement

nxDAS is a network-based data acquisition system for product validation testing that is hardware-agnostic, efficient, visual and intuitive, highly automated, and reliably scalable.

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