Production and MRO Test Facilities – Aviation, Industrial & Marine

Testing engines is expensive and time consuming, but you can cut costs dramatically by reducing the downtime and inefficiency in your test cell. If you are currently testing in old facilities with outdated equipment, your costs are higher than they need to be.

Our designs rely heavily on automation with worker safety as a priority. Automation can provide significant efficiencies to your operation and can help identify maintenance issues before they affect your operation. Maximizing uptime and limiting test cell time to test time translate to a lean and effective operation.

We have a suite of solutions and the expertise to adapt these solutions to best fit your requirements. If you would like to learn more about how we can cut your costs by increasing the efficiency of your test cell, please contact us.

Aviation Engine Test Facilities

In this space, big is not always better. Our approach is to right size and optimize key facility components, many of which have competing impacts. Let us use our experience to help you achieve exceptional performance and differentiate you from the pack.

If you are being told all test cell companies offer the same services and products, please contact us before you proceed. As the preeminent supplier to the top OEMs in the industry, let us show you how we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Industrial & Marine Engine Test Facilities

We have leveraged our aero engine test experience, driveline and controls background to develop an extensive inventory of proprietary innovative “quick-connect” solutions for industrial and marine gas turbine engine testing.

Recognizing the value inherent in limiting cell time to test time, let us demonstrate how an MDS solution will provide a better return on investment than a typical solution.