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SAE 2011 International Conference

SAE 2011 International Conference on Aircraft and Engine Icing and Ground De-icing

June 13-17, 2011
Chicago, Illinois, USA

In June, Jim MacLeod from NRC and John Jastremski teamed up to present a technical paper regarding the Icing Spray System that was developed and implemented at the GLACIER facility in Thompson.  This conference provided a forum for the aerospace, aviation, and meteorological communities to meet and discuss the worldwide concern for safe flight and ground operations in icing conditions.

Various organizations shared papers and presentations that focused on the latest advances related to aircraft and engine icing and ground de-icing in the fields of simulation, protection, detection, fluids, training and regulatory practices. The conference provided the attendees with a high-quality technical program and an exhibition showcasing the latest technology, along with an array of special activities and networking events.

Dr. Shengfang Liao, and Dr. Xuejun Liu, from Pratt & Whitney were visitors at the show who have had lots of first-hand experience with the Icing Spray System at GLACIER in Thompson, MB.

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