Component/Special Test

Endless Possibilities MDS specializes in the design and supply of one-of-a-kind facilities and custom engineered solutions, used for engine research and development. MDS’ Special Purpose Test Equipment (SPTE) addresses the complex and unique nature of engine development and certification.

Evolution Demands Adaptability Engine research and development, and certification requirements are constantly evolving. To meet the unique challenges of our clients’ rigorous development programs, MDS fosters innovation, and maintains an experienced staff in all essential engineering disciplines.

Demanding Certification Requirements Certification requirements demand precise and reliable solutions. MDS provides facilities and test equipment to satisfy the most rigid standards of certification testing.

Special Test Facility Capabilities MDS is experienced in the design and supply of special test facilities including:

  • Engine Certification Facilities
  • Compressor Test Facilities
  • Turbine Test Facilities
  • Altitude Test Facilities
  • Combustion Test Facilities and Rigs
  • Anechoic Chambers
  • 1P Moment Test Rigs

Test System Equipment Capabilities

MDS has extensive experience in the design of prototype systems as well as an established catalogue of proven test system solutions. Capabilities include the following test systems:

  • Data Acquisition System (proDAS) – link to proDAS “Standard product” page
  • AeroAcoustic Products – link to AeroAcoustic “Standard product” page
  • Mechanical Support Systems – link to Mech Support Systems “Standard product” page
  • Turbulence Control Structures – link to TCS “Standard product” page
  • Outdoor Test Stands
  • Cold Soak Solutions
  • Bird Shot Cannons
  • Hail Storm and Hail Stone Cannons
  • Cross-Wind Blowers
  • Water Ingestion Spray Rigs
  • Icing Spray Rigs
  • Bellmouths and Airmeters
  • Heated Air Inlet Systems
  • Dynamic Data Systems
  • Acoustic Measurement Equipment
  • Ground Plane Simulation Equipment
  • High Speed Camera and Lighting Systems
  • Re-Ingestion Screens and Anti-Vortex Mats
  • Starter / Generator Controls and Loading Equipment