Multi-Axis Thrust Measurement

Our Multi-Axis Thrust Measurement capability includes a complete force measuring module along with associated calibration equipment required to calibrate and measure the six components of thrust. It provides the raw data as well as the calculated vector magnitude, angle and location to the data acquisition system.


Rolls-Royce, Indianapolis, US

Facility Type

Multi-Axis Thrust Measurement

Engine Types

Short take-off and Vertical landing (STOVL) variants of the JSF Engine (PW F135 & Rolls-Royce Lift System). 


Design and supply of a JSF LiftFan electrical prime mover and multi-axis Thrust Measurement System for use in testing LiftFan component of the Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL) version of the JSF Aircraft. This facility has been recognized as the first functional JSF LiftFan test facility.

Scope of Work

  • Project Management
  • Electrical Substation
  • Speed Increasing Gearbox
  • Coupling Shaft
  • Driveline analysis
  • 6-axis Thrust Frame and Control System
  • Motor, Gearbox, and Torquemeter Lubrication System
  • JSF LiftFan test equipment
  • 30 MW Electrical Drive System
  • 6-axis Thrust Measurement System rated at 25,000 lbs thrust, Thrust Frame and Control System