Heated Intake System

We provide heated intake systems that use either gas fired systems or electrical systems for industrial and marine applications.


Rolls-Royce, Bristol, UK

Facility Type

Heated Intake System for Marine Gas Turbine Engine Test Facility


Facility inlet air temperature heated up to 40°C from ambient, for flow rates up to 180 kg/s.


The turnkey supply of an inlet air heating system for a Marine Gas Turbine Engine Test Facility. The system recycles heat dissipated by the facility loadbank system and extracts hot air from the loadbanks without creating any additional backpressure that could reduce performance.

MDS was responsible for the development of a system specification and a trade-off analysis of several solution options.

Scope of Work

  • Aerodynamics and Acoustics elements
  • Flow Conditioning and Mixing elements
  • Air Supply Fans
  • Control valves and dampers
  • Silencing components
  • Control System