Research & Technology

Beating at the Source

To the status quo, trends are said to be innovative. To MDS, trends are just that, trends – short-lived – shallow. Lacking substance and impenetrability, they’re gone before you know it. For MDS, innovation comes from a no-holds barred commitment to breaking through, going beyond, and setting standards that propel an entire industry into a new dimension. At MDS, that’s where we’re headed; not just on the pulse of what’s here, but at the source of what’s to come.

Fully Charged with Innovation As an industry leader, MDS recognizes the necessity of not only remaining current with the latest in cutting-edge gas turbine testing technologies, but on top of those that are continually emerging. MDS invests heavily in Research & Technology – an investment strategy that generates improvements to key systems and allows for the introduction and successful application of new, innovative products and services.

Real, Dedicated, and Focused Investment Encouraging and leading the evolution of engineering technology, now more than ever, with an entire Research & Technology department dedicated to the task, MDS is committed to expanding our knowledge and capabilities in the areas of aerodynamics and acoustics, data acquisition, thrust measurement, and green technologies.

Areas of development include:

  • Innovative Solutions for Aerodynamics, Acoustics, and Infrasound
  • proDAS Continuous Improvement
  • Continuous Development of the Thrust Measurement System
  • Green Technologies, including Energy Recovery and Emissions Monitoring