COVID-19 Measures

MDS Aero Support COVID-19 Measures

25 March 2020

As measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 are being implemented around the world, MDS is acting to protect its employees, customers and suppliers, as well as do its part to combat the virus.

MDS is open for business and most of our employees have been teleworking where possible.  MDS has comprehensive business continuity plans in place which will enable us to negotiate a balance between fulfilling our commitments and obligations, while maintaining safe and responsible operations.  All our stakeholders can rest assured that we take these responsibilities very seriously.

Our Client sites are essential to business continuity and they remain operational. Our in-house Production, Logistics, and Office Service teams are also essential to business continuity and they continue to support MDS operations from our Ottawa head office.

We are thankful for our Suppliers that have demonstrated flexibility in continuing work given current restrictions and uncertainty associated with government directives and international travel. We do not expect any commercial disruptions at this time.

We have taken multiple measures to mitigate risks to both individuals’ health and to the progress of work.  The measures are summarized in the MDS communiqué on COVID-19 Measures.

We are closely monitoring the situation and we are committed to continuing to do what is necessary.  Our actions will be guided by the latest information and advice from public health authorities.


25 March 2020

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