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A full month for mental health with MDS Let’s Talk

MDS Mental Health Awareness Month

MDS Let’s Talk month will be full of activities to get people moving throughout the day

The month of February is MDS Let’s Talk month! Inspired by #BellLetsTalk, MDS began the tradition of a month-long mental health awareness campaign in 2018 with a number of workshops, games, and activities. The aim of the campaign is to remove barriers, learn more about mental health, take steps to improve our own mental health, help others who may be struggling, and to reduce the stigma of mental illness in our every day lives.

At MDS we understand the importance and benefits of exercise on mental health, so we have designed challenges and classes to get people moving throughout the day. Our popular Stepping Challenge has multiple teams competing against each other to meet their step goals for the month – and to ultimately win the right to brag about being the office “Step Masters” (and win some cool prizes, too!).

We designed our MDS Let’s Talk Month to remind everyone how integral it is to our well-being to live a healthy work-life balance that’s right for each of us. Our activities and workshops open the doors to conversations on how to achieve that—a healthy work-life balance with mindfulness and awareness.

The month of February will feature these events at the office:

  • Mental Health Lunch and Learn sessions
  • Green Ribbon Fundraiser
  • All-Day Massage Therapy
  • Multi-cultural potluck
  • Therapy Dog Day
  • Company-wide Stepping Challenge

Our activities last year had such an impact on the office atmosphere we have decided to extend the program beyond February to keep the mental health conversation going. These are some of the events we will be hosting this year:

  • Dance Classes
  • Zumba Classes
  • Yoga Classes
  • Additional Lunch and Learn sessions

To remind ourselves to take a break and reflect on our mental health, we will also be updating our logo with a green ribbon during the month of February.

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