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MDS and CCC, an International Success Story

Joe Hajjar

In 1993 MDS was a newcomer to the highly specialized turbine engine test cell market. Unknown on the world stage and a small company compared to the industry players at the time, MDS knew it would deliver excellence — but it needed a way to build credibility internationally.

The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and its government-backed sovereign guarantee of contract performance was the key to help level the playing field where MDS was bidding against established industry players. With the support of CCC, MDS secured its first international deal with Royal Air Maroc, Morocco’s national airline to build a large aero engine test facility.

Since that first international deal, MDS has worked with CCC on projects with a total value of almost $165 million, in the process becoming one of the world’s leading turbine engine test cell providers.

Read how CCC helped MDS Aero Support fly to the top of its global market.

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