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MDS at CRIAQ’s 8th Research Forum – April 2016

MDS attended the 8th CRIAQ Research Forum on April 27th during International Aerospace Week in Montreal, Canada. MDS would like to thank CRIAQ for the opportunity to present a research topic to the many leaders in aerospace research and collaboration from across Canada and the world that were in attendance. Tim Smith, Director of Mechanical Engineering at MDS, called on experts in the aero-acoustics field to collaborate on furthering the aerospace industry’s knowledge in this very specialized area. Interested parties are welcome to visit the Aero-Collaboration portal for more information.

“In collaboration with the Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada (CARIC), CRIAQ launches its 8th Research Forum, bringing together the entire aerospace community to engage in an open innovation process. Leaders of the aerospace industry and researchers affiliated with universities, colleges and research centres from across Canada and around the world are invited to take part in this unique networking opportunity with the goal of giving birth to collaborative research and development projects.”- For more information on the forum visit:

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