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MDS Provides Test Systems and Facility Design for Siemens

MDS has recently completed a project to provide test systems and facility design for Siemens in Finspång, Sweden. The new facility enhances Siemens’ existing capability to be able to test the industrial power gas turbines, namely the SGT-700b and the new SGT-750 engines. The facility is designed for future growth and to accommodate larger engines.

MDS worked closely with Siemens to develop a solution to their testing needs which will provide a fast through put of test engines and the flexibility to change the set-up from one engine type to another easily and quickly. The solution MDS provided reduces the test cell downtime required to prepare the engine for testing by incorporating a pre-alignment system for the engine and adapter as well as a method for dressing the engines in the preparation shop before being transferred to the test cell.

The duct work connecting the engines to the roof-mounted intake and exhaust is dedicated to the test cell. To enable quick change over between engines, the intake is mounted in the test cell roof and translated into and out of position, while dedicated engine exhaust ducts are exchanged and lifted into position for each engine using a roof-mounted system. The engines and exhaust transition ducts are transported into and out of the test cell using a specialized transport cart which picks up and delivers the components into position using an optical guidance system.

Once the engine is brought into the test cell using the transport cart, it is placed in the docking system which enables precise and repeatable docking of the engine and quick connection of engine to facility interfaces. Since the engines are pre-aligned in the preparation shop, test cell installation times are minimized.

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