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Introducing the New and Improved Mark III Throttle System

MDS is pleased to introduce a new state-of-the-art UECU-500 Mark III Throttle System, the latest in our Universal Engine Command Unit (UECU) 500 line. MDS’s throttle system has been successful in providing customers with the flexibility, programming, and automated testing capabilities for more efficient and effective engine testing. Easily configurable and fully automated, it supports all gas turbine engine types and test sequences and includes remote PLA control and full closed loop control on any engine parameter.


Those familiar with MDS’s UECU-500 Mark II will notice some new features in the new throttle design, including a simplified assembly as well as an updated controller for increased system performance. The new model also features:

  • A user friendly touch-screen Quadrant User Interface;
  • A simplified and more robust throttle handle;
  • Improved controller supportability;
  • Enhanced data display on lever assembly; and
  • Backwards compatibility with legacy actuator, resolver, and RVDT modules.

Intended for electrical and/or mechanical control of an engine fuel system, the UECU-500 Mark III Throttle System is unmatched in its ability to precisely control the position of the engine fuel control input. The unit can be installed as a stand-alone component or integrated with a data acquisition and control system such as the MDS proDAS system. Having the throttle system integrated with proDAS allows for tests to be performed quickly and with more repeatability, which in turn reduces fuel burn and operator error.

Integrated test procedures allow the user to perform tests in a pre-determined and consistent manner, which makes the throttle ideal for endurance and cyclic testing.

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