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MDS’ Leading Edge Newsletter – Edition 2, Dec. 2012

Test Cell Structure — Very Large Engine Test Cells regularly suffer from infrasound disturbance, but the latest research demonstrates that the science exists to alleviate this concern.

December 4, 2012

As aircraft engines become larger and larger, so do the facilities required to test them. It is therefore not surprising that many engine test facilities suffer from low-frequency noise, or infrasound, a phenomenon commonly associated with testing large engines.

At MDS we are proud to say that we have done the necessary work to understand the causes of infrasound, and, even more importantly, the mitigation measures that will result in those very large engines operating without problems.

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Maintaining Test Cell Correlation Validity with proDAS

December 5, 2012

Aviation gas turbine engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul organizations (MROs) are required to maintain high standards to keep their engine testing certification.

Find out how the proDAS Real Time Trending Tool is a must-have for any test cell owner.

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Air France Industries 150,000 lbs Thrust Test Facility — Advanced Capabilities Delivered Ahead of Schedule!

December 5, 2012

MDS is proud to announce the completion of this fantastic new engine test facility that will accept the CFM56-5, GE90-94/115, and GP7200 models as well as future engines up to 150,000 lbs of thrust.

After two years and a lot of cooperation and hard work, the Air France Industries Very Big Engine “Zéphyr” test facility was recently commissioned with its first engine type.

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MDS Recognized Amongst an Elite Group of Canadian Companies.

December 6, 2012

HSBC Bank Canada and Business without Borders has named MDS a finalist in the International Business Awards, in the “Large Enterprise” category.

This recognition further solidifies MDS’ position as a leader in the Canadian marketplace.

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