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Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance newly operational 150klbf test cell by MDS

November 02, 2012 —

Up-to-date and ergonomically efficient, AFI KLM E&M’s brand new engine test cell “Zephyr” opens up enormous opportunities by leveling up the Group’s range of services and delivering substantial benefits for customers.

Built with a €40 million investment, the new engine test cell MDS designed and supplied, excluding construction, allows AFI KLM E&M to internalize a crucial step in the new-generation engine maintenance cycle.

To see the full article and promotional video go to: https://www.afiklmem.com/AFIKLMEM/en/g_page_standard/MediaRelation/BlueLink_10_October2012/BlueLink_10_EngineTestBench.html

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