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MDS Exceeds Goals for Ottawa Hospital’s White Coat Campaign


This past spring, Kevin Fitzgerald, MDS Aero Support’s President and CEO, led the company in a campaign to raise money for The Ottawa Hospital’s White Coat Campaign. The White Coat Challenge inspires local Ottawa businesses to raise money to purchase the latest life-saving technology for The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre and to provide superior care to those suffering from cancer. The employees of MDS Aero raised a remarkable $32,706 that allowed the Centre for Innovative Cancer Research to buy an ultra-low temperature freezer to store cancer cells and two DNA spinners to isolate DNA from cancer cells. Both devices will help The Centre for Innovative Cancer Research develop new therapies, efficiently run experiments, and conduct research on cancer cells.

“We wanted to do something where people could make a real difference”, said Kevin Fitzgerald. “We were worried about donor fatigue, but the whole company got on board. It’s important for us to give back to the community after 25 years in business”. MDS exceeded the initial target of $25,000 that was set to commemorate MDS’s 25 year anniversary that was celebrated in 2010.

To honour the achievements of MDS Aero’s inaugural White Coat Campaign, Kevin Fitzgerald, President and CEO, and Elizabeth MacLeod, Office and Human Resource Manager, (both in centre) were presented with White Coats, an symbol of accomplishment in many medical schools.


10 Steps to a Successful Employee Campaign

(courtesy of The Ottawa Hospital Foundation)

  1. Secure senior management’s support of a workplace campaign.
  2. Appoint a workplace coordinator – this could be an individual or a team, like your social committee.
  3. Set you campaign goal and launch a date.
  4. Select the ideas, events, or campaign structure to suit your work environment.
  5. Launch your campaign – a two to three week campaign blitz typically works best.
  6. Ensure your senior management provides leadership and visibility during the campaign.
  7. Run events, have fun and enjoy the team building.
  8. Communicate progress and results.
  9. Tabulate final results.
  10. Thank your donors, supporters and celebrate your success!

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