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GLACIER – Successful Season 1

MDS AeroTest is pleased to announce that in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada, Rolls-Royce Canada and Pratt & Whitney Canada, we have successfully completed our first cold weather testing season.

The primary purpose of the Global Aerospace Centre for Icing and Environmental Research (GLACIER) facility is icing certification of aviation gas turbine engines.  Throughout the past year, the facility has undergone three commissioning phases to ensure that all certification requirements have been achieved.  Phase 1 involved commissioning of the overall facility and test systems. 

The second phase commissioned the large tunnel spray mast for large engines.  The mast sprays a heated water mist which super cools on its way down the tunnel through a specialized 7.6-metre-diameter inlet, and directly into the world’s largest aircraft turbines.  Finally, phase three entailed the commissioning of the small tunnel spray mast for small engines.  With the successful completion of all three types of commissioning, the facility has satisfied the mandates established by the certification authorities.  All systems have been validated and icing capabilities proven for large and small engines. 

Open for Business!

This generic outdoor facility is capable of testing a wide range of gas turbine engines.  GLACIER possesses the infrastructure and test systems necessary for development testing and certification of both current and future aviation gas turbine engines.  While the facility was primarily designed for icing tests during the cold winter months, the facility is available year-round to customers requiring an outdoor facility for virtually any sized engine up to 150K lbs of thrust. 

The facility was designed and built by MDS Aero Support Corporation.  Its subsidiary company, MDS AeroTest, manages, operates and maintains this state-of-the-art facility.  For testing availability enquiries please contact

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