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Researching Green Solutions

MDS has recently joined a team of researchers in a three-year project aimed at developing new, and adapting existing, methods for measuring non-volatile particulate emissions from aircraft engine exhaust gases.

Partners in this project, the University of Alberta (leading the project), the University of British Columbia, Pratt & Whitney Canada, the National Research Center of Canada and MDS have agreed to contribute professional time, direct funding and in-kind inputs for a total value of $115,000.  This amount will be matched by the Green Aviation R&D Network (GARDN), a Canadian government programme developed to promote green solutions in aviation.

Particles emitted by aircraft engines are typically very fine (20-60 µm) and are known to be harmful to human health and a potential contributor to global warming.  Therefore new regulations and standards are being considered to control this source of contamination and the project on which MDS has embarked may be a decisive step towards this as it will provide compliance measurement instrumentation and methods for future use by the aviation industry.

As an integrator of aircraft engine testing equipment, MDS looks forward to participating in this project which will complement its experience in the measurement of industrial air pollutants, i.e. the integration of Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), and the auditing of emissions measurement.

This R&D project is an opportunity for MDS to broaden their range of existing environmental products and services in order to supply their clients with state-of-the-art fine particulate emission monitoring systems.

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