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Universal Engine Control Unit (UECU) 500 Mark II

MDS announces the launch of its latest generation of throttle systems suitable for all engine throttle types: The Universal Engine Control Unit (UECU) 500 Mark II.

This new model is currently in production and is being used in repair & overhaul as well as R&D applications. The UECU 500 Mark II has the same great features as the previous version including automatic testing, programmability, and multiple engine capability. Newly incorporated is an integral manual override safety feature for actuator based engines. In addition, it has an updated user-friendly pushbutton interface on the lever assembly. Major components are now combined as required for your engine interfacing needs in a cost effective modular design.

For a detailed description of the capabilities of the UECU 500 Mark II, please see our “Products – Throttle Systems” webpage or contact MDS at:

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