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NPO Saturn Contract Awarded for New SaM146 Engine

MDS Aero Support Corporation is pleased to announce they have been awarded the contract for the design and supply of the test equipment for a dual test facility installation for the new SaM146 engine by NPO Saturn in Rybinsk, Russia. The new test facility includes an engine preparation area as well as two separate test cells for development and production testing. The complex will be optimised for maximum engine throughput and efficiency of testing with state of the art systems including the flexible and powerful proDAS data acquisition system. These facilities will be co-located at the main manufacturing centre and next to an existing multi-engine facility that MDS is also in the process of upgrading to test the same engine.

The SaM146 is a new engine capable of delivering between 14000 and 17000 pounds of thrust. It is being developed by Powerjet, a joint venture comprising the leading aerospace propulsion companies Snecma of France and NPO Saturn of Russia. The wide range of thrust capability make it an ideal powerplant for the range of new regional jets up to 100 passengers including the launch aircraft, the Sukhoi Russian Regional Jet.

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