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Entry into Service of Anechoic Chamber at MDS-Designed AneCom AeroTest Compressor Test Centre

Another major milestone for the MDS-designed AneCom AeroTest (ACAT) Compressor Test Centre in Wildau, Germany was achieved recently when the final commissioning run for the Low Pressure Test Bed and Anechoic Chamber was successfully performed.

The Head of Test at ACAT praised MDS for its hard work in completing this significant stage: “I’d like to thank the MDS installation team for its continuous effort and enormous dedication to the project”, he said.

The Compressor Test Centre consists of three Test Beds:

  • The Low Pressure Bed and Anechoic Chamber, now fully operational, handles acoustic and performance testing of jet engine fans, compressors and other test items.
  • The High Pressure Bed, operational since October 2003, handles high-speed, single-flow compressors up to 20,000 rpm and air flows up to 35 kg/sec.
  • The Intermediate Pressure Bed handles high-speed, single or split-flow compressors up to 15,000 rpm and air flows up to 200 kg/sec. Its installation is also close to completion, and the first static acceptance tests have already been performed.

For further information on this MDS-designed facility, see the AneCom project profile. For more information on ACAT, visit the Partners page.

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