Compressor Test Facility (AneCom AeroTest)

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AneCom AeroTest
Wildau, Germany

Facility Type:

Gas Turbine Compressor Research & Development Test Facility


High Pressure: single-flow compressors up to 20,000 rpm and air flows up to 35 kg/sec

Intermediate Pressure: single or split-flow compressors up to 15,000 rpm and air flows up to 200 kg/sec


MDS designed and supplied a Compressor Test Centre (CTC) for complete aerothermal and noise testing of compressor components.

AneCom AeroTest offers a complete package of services for aerodynamic development testing of gas turbine components, with a focus on gas turbine compressors.

Scope of Work:

  • Inlet and exhaust systems;
  • Aerodynamics and acoustics;
  • Intake and exhaust systems;
  • Anechoic chamber;
  • Hydraulic control and lubrication systems;
  • Driveline System;
  • Three test beds to support several sizes and configurations of compressor test vehicles;
  • Prime mover and compressor control system;
  • PLC-based facility control system;
  • EDAS data acquisition and control systems;
  • Dynamic Data Acquisition System; and
  • Valve Control System (VCS) to control the test article.