MDS has recently completed Altitude Engine Test Facilities in Asia for the purposes of gas turbine engine development, most notably one that is among the world’s largest and most capable. MDS can supply facilities to operate at various conditions ranging from sea level, to closed-loop vacuum that can accommodate engine testing in both direct connect and free jet modes. MDS teams with local partners to complete these large scale projects in order to build on each company’s experience and success in their related industries.


Typical Altitude Engine Test Facilities are composed of the following MDS supplied subsystems:

  • Compressors / Exhausters;
  • Air Heating System;
  • Air Dryer System;
  • Flow Measurement System;
  • Settling Chamber;
  • Bellmouth / Free Jet Nozzle;
  • Altitude Test Chamber;
  • Thrust Measurement & Calibration System;
  • Engine Interface Adapter Frame;
  • Diffuser / Exhaust Duct / Augmenter Tube;
  • Closed Loop Heat Exchanger;
  • Water Cooling System;
  • Mechanical Support Systems;
  • Fuel Flow Measurement System;
  • Facility Control System (PLC & Programming);
  • Emergency Stop System (Safety Systems);
  • proDAS Data Acquisition System;
  • Engine Control System;
  • Dynamic Data System (DDS);
  • Controls Console;
  • Temperature Scanning System;
  • Pressure Scanning System;
  • Vibration Measurement System;
  • Strain Measurement System; and
  • Capabilities.