50,000 lbf Development Test Facility

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NPO Saturn
Rybinsk, Russia

Facility Type:

50,000 lbf Turbofan Production and Research Development Gas Turbine Engine Test Facility

Engine Types:

Sam 146 and CFM 56


MDS was responsible for all aspects of this turnkey project, including project management, architectural design, and facility construction supervision.

MDS provided a new dual test cell facility for the development testing of the SaM146 engine, also equipped with provisions for future testing of the larger CFM56 family of engines.

This NPO Saturn test facility is the only gas turbine engine test facility in Russia that is certified to test both Russian and Western engines, and is recognized as the first Russian test facility certified to run a western engine.

Scope of Work:

  • Aero Inlet and Exhaust Systems;
  • Acoustic Attenuation Systems;
  • Thrust Measurement System;
  • Monorail Engine Handling;
  • 200Hz Steady-State and Transient Data Measurement;
  • Engine Adapters;
  • Preparation Shop and Engine Workstations;
  • Fuel Delivery and Measurement System;
  • Engine Start Systems;
  • Oil Inhibiting and Preservation Systems;
  • Hydraulic Lift Platform;
  • Engine Bleed Systems;
  • Compressor Wash System;
  • Data Acquisition System (includes Russian language capability);
  • Facility Control System.