MTU Maintenance GmbH
Ludwigsfelde, Germany

Facility Type:

11,000 Shp Turboshaft Repair & Overhaul and Research & Development Gas Turbine Engine Facility

Engine Types:

Europrop International TP 400 Engine


MDS was responsible for this complete turnkey supply of a turboshaft engine facility capable of quick engine change out.

Scope of Work:

  • Detailed Civil Design and Construction;
  • Engine Test Systems;
  • Engine Control Systems;
  • Project Management, Documentation and Training.
  • Aerodynamics and Acoustics;
  • Inlet and Exhaust Systems;
  • Load Absorption System (Dynamometer);
  • Dynamometer Base Frame;
  • Overhead Engine Handling System;
  • Complete Fuel Storage and Delivery System;
  • Engine Air Start System;
  • Engine Oil Replenishing & Drain System;
  • Cooling Water System;
  • PLC-based Facility Control System;
  • proDAS Data Acquisition System;
  • Facility Water System;
  • Fire Suppression System;
  • Engine Test Procedures; and
  • Throttle Control Systems.