100,000 lbf Aero Engine Test Facility

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Royal Air Maroc
Casablanca, Morrocco

Facility Type:

100,000 lbf Turbofan and 6000 shp Turboshaft/APU Repair & Overhaul Gas Turbine Engine Test Facility

Engine Types:

Turbofan: PW 2037, CFM56-3C, CF6-80C2, & ATAR 9K50 (a military engine with afterburner capability); and Turboshaft/APU: PW120A, T56-A15-LFE, & Garrett APUs (GTCP 85-98Ck/-129, GTCP 36-280, GTCP 331-200


MDS was responsible for all aspects of this turnkey project, including project management, architectural design, and facility construction. This multi-test bed facility is now equipped for repair and overhaul testing of turbofan, turboshaft, and APU gas turbines.

Scope of Work:

  • Inlet and Exhaust Systems;
  • Quick engine change out capability;
  • 100Hz Steady-State and Transient Data Measurement;
  • Thrust Measurement System;
  • Monorail Engine Handling;
  • Engine Adapters;
  • Fuel Delivery and Measurement Systems;
  • Engine Start Systems;
  • Oil Inhibiting and Preservation Systems;
  • Hydraulic Lift Platform;
  • Engine Bleed Systems;
  • Compressor Wash System;
  • Load Absorption System including Dynamometer;
  • Instrumentation and Control System Wiring;
  • PLC-based Facility Control System;
  • Two EDAS Data Acquisition Systems;
  • Automated Engine Test Procedures;
  • Throttle System; and
  • Trim Balance System