Emissions Workspace Improvement

Mammoth Impact MDS is a provider of emissions measurement auditing services, and has field experience with a wide variety of emissions measurement work spaces. MDS recognizes the positive impact that effective workspace design has across several critical factors, including:

  • Quality of the measurement results
  • Cost and efficiency of routine internal Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems servicing (CEMS)
  • Cost and efficiency of periodic sampling programs conducted

Putting a Limit on Limitations Ineffective workspaces increase costs. Limitations are exposed each time a measurement program is implemented by internal or external sampling teams, or every time CEMS requires servicing by instrumentation staff.

Emissions Measurement Workspaces

Identifying the Performance Inhibitors MDS has solutions specifically designed for the factors negatively impacting a client’s workspace performance. Obstacles can include:

  • Ambient air that is too cold, too hot, or windy resulting in a significantly slower pace of work
  • Exposure to rain and snow, resulting in the costs inherent to restarting / rescheduling work
  • Ambient pollution that requires workers to use a protective mask, thereby hindering voice communication
  • Excessive noise requiring workers to use ear protection that adversely affects voice communication
  • Limited access to restroom facilities (often 30-40 minutes walking distance)
  • Insufficient space lighting that requires the use of portable lights
  • Lack of space limiting the amount of equipment that should be present to handle the required work
  • Lack of local electric outlets requiring the use of lengthy extension cords and prohibitive drops in voltage
  • Lack of emergency storage space resulting in an overcrowded and unsafe workspace
  • Lack of a communications system with the facility operators and managers
  • Lack of an Internet link between samplers and their office / laboratory colleagues
  • Clearances required to move manual measurement equipment in and out of sampling ports
  • Potential interferences between manual sampling equipment and CEMS
  • Accurate determination of the internal diameters of large stacks

Rectifying Every One of Them At times of audit, MDS can provide its clients with an evaluation of emissions measurement workspaces, including a photo documented list of recommendations to improve the efficiency and quality of a client’s measurement programs. MDS will effectively implement the solutions for a one time upgrade, or gradually at a pace in sync with a client’s program and budget needs.