Emissions Auditing

Quality and Integrity Source Emissions Measurement is becoming increasingly critical to successful business operations; and measurements are only as good as the quality of the measurement processes, documentation, methods, and data. Companies are required to prove the integrity of their measurement procedures through independent audits.

Credibility and Expertise MDS can credibly and reliably act as an independent auditor of source emission measurement and related monitoring activities. MDS staff has extensive experience in the specialty field of emissions measurement auditing and related industrial air quality engineering. Whatever a client’s objectives may be, when it comes to the accurate and accountable measurement of source emissions, MDS brings added value and enhanced credibility to our clients’ businesses.

Emissions measurement activities – objectives include:

  • Compliance with standards
  • Certification of CEMS
  • Collecting engineering data
  • Verifying production or emission control equipment performance against guarantee conditions
  • Financial / environmental reporting

Auditing Services Plus In addition to performing audits of field sampling and sample recovery work, MDS provides auditing services for complementary activities related to source emission measurement, including:

  • Preparation of measurement services contract documents
  • Preparation of pre-test plans
  • Monitoring of production and emission control processes during sampling
  • Analysis of emission data, calculations and reports

Early Detection is Crucial When performance of these activities is optimized, they act as catalysts to the success of measurement programs. The most successful audits identify any flaws before they invalidate costly measurement programs. While these flaws require reporting, MDS’ goal is to identify them early in the audit process and suggest immediate corrective action. Through this means corrections can be implemented, saving an organization time and money. Moreover, a potential report of non-compliance becomes a recognized and adopted opportunity for improvement.

Added Benefits Organizations can also realize these additional benefits of professional and reliable auditing:

  • The ability to obtain and use high quality emissions information produced by internal or external work teams
  • Confirmation of the effectiveness of measurement personnel training