Aerodynamics & Acoustics

Classic Risk Minimizing MDS’ aerodynamic and acoustic group specializes in classical aerodynamic and acoustic engineering techniques, computer simulations, and physical scale and CFD modeling that minimize project risks and provide clients with cost-effective, reliable solutions.

Aerodynamics • Acoustics • Infrasound MDS core staff includes aerodynamicists and acousticians with a collective 60 years of experience in this specialized discipline. MDS’ proven track record in this field has made MDS a world leader in aerodynamics, noise control, and infrasound.

Capabilities include:

  • Test facility aerodynamic and acoustic specification and design
  • Aerodynamic and acoustic component specification and design
  • Feasibility studies and reports
  • Test rig design
  • Aerodynamic and acoustic site surveys

Theories, Methods, Codes, and Standards MDS governs its proven heat transfer, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, and acoustic engineering theories and methods by the latest applicable codes and standards. Together, they set the foundation for MDS design activities.

Computer Simulations In-house and commercial codes are used to design, analyze, and optimize aero-acoustic systems and configurations.

Primary software tools include:

  • Ansys/Flotran (computational fluid dynamics)
  • LMS Raynoise (acoustic ray tracing software)
  • A series of MDS in-house software packages and models based on theoretical and empirical data