Advanced • Adaptable • Scalable MDS’ proDAS is a fully programmable and scalable PC-based system that is ideal for both development and production testing environments. proDAS provides an integrated environment with test systems that feature automated throttle, engine and facility controls, and dynamic data acquisition.

Worldwide Credibility MDS’ data acquisition products are used extensively by world-leading engine manufacturers to support their demanding engine test programs. The investment and support of these OEMs has ensured that proDAS will remain on the cutting edge of data acquisition technology and in line with their performance requirements.

In Focus – Research & Development topics:

  • Incorporation of new measurement technologies
  • Software Upgrades
  • Standardized solutions and configurations for repeat customers
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement in hardware integration and compatibility

The Evolution Never Ends A multi-year roadmap guides the ongoing development of proDAS by our dedicated in-house software team. New measurement technologies, standardized data handling and configuration, networking architectures, and customer-driven improvements continue to elevate proDAS as the industry leading product for engine testing.