MDS is pleased to introduce its strategic partners who offer complementary services to the gas turbine engine industry.

AneCom AeroTest
MDS AeroTest

AneCom AeroTest

Dr. Edmund Ahlers, Managing Director; Freiheitstrasse 122, D, Wildau, Germany 15745
Tel: +49.33.7592.

AneCom AeroTest is a unique and highly automated gas turbine component test centre, capable of delivering full turnkey services for the development of gas turbine compressors, turbines, combustors and other test items. Designed and supplied by MDS, the AneCom AeroTest facilities were opened in 2003, and include the following features:

  • The largest Anechoic Chamber in Europe for noise measurement, which also serves as a Low Pressure Compressor/Fan/Component Test bed
  • Additional High Pressure (HP) and Intermediate Pressure (IP) test facilities suitable for compressor performance mapping over a full range of gas turbine compressor configurations, including split-flow compressors and boosters.


Canadian Environmental Test Research and Education Center (EnviroTREC)
200, 78 Innovation Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 6C2
Tel: +1 204 480 0350 Email:

EnviroTREC is a not-for-profit organization providing research and educational networks designed to facilitate and support research and technology development programs for industry, government, and academia. EnviroTREC’s current areas of focus include, cold weather engine certification, noise, greenhouse gas emissions, alternative fuels and lubricants

MDS AeroTest

Troy Ramnath – General Manager, 100 Test Avenue, Box 1240, Thompson, Manitoba, Canada R8N 1N4
Tel: +1 204 778 6352

MDS AeroTest is managing, operating and maintaining the GLACIER facility. This Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney facility is a ground-based open air test stand capable of testing a very wide range of gas turbine engines.

Main Services:

  • Test program planning
  • Provision of tooling and special purpose test equipment
  • Facility configuration and set up to suit test requirements
  • Provision of consumables
  • Test program management
  • Delivery of data streams