Mission Statement

For Client Calibrated Solutions on a Global Scale MDS develops and deploys a comprehensive, innovative and integrated suite of products and services to deliver the most trusted, reliable and environmentally responsible solutions for turbine test.

Worthy of Preferred Partner Status On behalf of our clients worldwide we remain committed to uncompromising leadership, and to earning your confidence, trust, and enduring patronage by delivering reliable and sustainable solutions.

We Will Adhere to, and be Measured by the Highest Standards

  • Unparalleled quality and precision
  • Proactive and detailed project management
  • Committed and pivotally-stationed specialized global resources
  • Cost-effective, sustainable solutions
  • Strategic, timely deployment of tested, proven cutting edge technologies
  • Meticulous planning, execution, delivery – on budget, on time, and within client parameters
  • Trusted and valued expertise – sound and reliable counsel
  • Agile and accurate response
  • Principled operational ethics of integrity, honesty, and authenticity
  • Transparent management support and accountability
  • Responsible inclusion of environmentally friendly solution criteria
  • Enduring commitment to corporate growth and client satisfaction

Resolutely Driven by One Collective Vision Continually setting and scaling the bar at heights beyond the status quo demands steadfast dedication and an unwavering focus. MDS subscribes to the notion that the true measure of a company is one that lives by the objectives it sets and the promises it keeps.