Turbulence Control Structure (Pratt & Whitney)

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Pratt & Whitney Canada
Florida, USA

Facility Type:

Turbulence Control Structure, Turbofan Performance

Engine Types:

PW545, PW305, PW306, PW308, PW-ATFI, and PW6000


Turnkey design and supply of a Turbulence Control Structure (TCS) for engine inlet noise measurements and performance testing of turbofan engines.

A TCS reduces the level of turbulence in the airflow entering an aircraft engine. This is achieved by the special flow panels arranged in a dome around the engine inlet, composed of perforated stainless steel sheet bonded to an aluminum honeycomb substrate. The perforated sheet serves to attenuate streak-wise flow unsteadiness, while the honeycomb structure provides transverse flow uniformity.

Scope of Work:

  • Turbulence Control Structure;
  • Integrated Transportation Cart;
  • Braking and locking mechanism;
  • Engine-specific annular sealing cloths;
  • Portable customized reusable shipping containers for the panels;
  • 4.2m geodesic dome comprising 241 polygonal frames with flow panels;
  • 1.4m engine inlet diameter;
  • Self supporting mobile structure to facilitate towing around an outdoor test site and easy alignment with an engine’s inlet cowling;
  • Height adjustable;
  • Designed for ease of assembly, disassembly, and transportation between various sites; and
  • Integrated Pressure Probes.