1P Moment Test Rig (Pratt & Whitney)

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Pratt & Whitney
West Virginia, USA

Facility Type:

1P Moment Test Rig, Turboprop Production Testing

Engine Types:

Turboprop engine running at 2000 shp and 2200 rpm


The design, supply, and commissioning of 1P Moment Test Rig to provide accurate and repeatable 1P bending loads, to a maximum of 150,000 lbf-in, and thrust loads to the running turboprop engine during production testing. Reducing test set-up times, the test rig is duel purpose and used for both production pass-off and 1P testing. The Test Rig simulates in-flight bending moments on the propellor shaft, arising from gyroscopic forces during aerobatic maneuvers, and in-flight thrust loads.

As a result of increased capacity at the Pratt & Whitney facility, and in light of the effectiveness of the first MDS delivered test rig, Pratt & Whitney has commissioned MDS to supply a second test rig.

Scope of Work:

  • Project management;
  • 1P Moment Production Test Rig;
  • 1P Moment Control System with auto mission capability to perform automated tests;
  • Rig-bearing Lubrication System;
  • 1P Moment Actuator Hydraulic System;
  • 100 Hz steady-state and transient data measurement;
  • 3000 channels capacity;
  • 100 KHz dynamic data measurement; and
  • Dual bleed air control systems that are fully redundant.